Terms and Conditions of UNIQA Insurance Plc and UNIQA Life Insurance Plc for Distance Provision of Insurance Services and Making Payments via www.uniqa.bg and www.bg.uniqa-pure.com

Section I: General Provisions
1. General Provisions
These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the Terms and Conditions) govern the relationship between UNIQA Insurance Plc and/or UNIQA Life Insurance Plc (hereinafter referred to as "UNIQA" or "Insurer") and users of insurance services (hereinafter referred to as "User," "Customer," "Client," or "Insuring") arising in connection with the provision of distance insurance services, as well as the procedure, manner and conditions under which payments of insurance premiums due will be made through UNIQA's website www. uniqa.bg or www.bg.uniqa-pure.com (hereinafter referred to as "Website"). The Website at www.uniqa-pure.com is operated and owned by UNIQA Insurance Group AG and provides services on behalf of UNIQA AD and/or UNIQA Life AD.

The website www.bg.uniqa-pure.com is technically operated by UNIQA Insurance Group AG, Untere Donaustraße 21, A-1029 Vienna, Austria. UNIQA Insurance Group AG is responsible for providing payment services through payment service providers on this website.

UNIQA Insurance Plc is an insurance joint-stock company with a registered office and registered address located at 1000 Sofia, 18 Todor Alexandrov Blvd., registered in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency under UIC 040451865 and performing insurance activity on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria in accordance with Permit No. 40 of 10.08.1998 of the Financial Supervision Commission, email: info@uniqa.bg, Customer phone number: 0700 111 50.

UNIQA Life Insurance Plc is an insurance joint-stock company with its registered office and registered address located at 1000 Sofia, 18 Todor Alexandrov Blvd., registered in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency under UIC 831626729 and performing insurance activity on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria pursuant to Permit No. 27 of 10.08.1998 of the Financial Supervision Commission, email: info@uniqa.bg, Customer phone number: 0700 111 50.

A user of insurance services is an individual or a legal entity who, through the provided functionality of the Website, declares his/her wish to contract insurance remotely and/or to pay an insurance premium due. A user of insurance services is also a person for whom rights have arisen under an insurance contract, as well as an individual or a legal entity interested in taking advantage of the services provided by the Insurer in relation to its subject of activity.

2. Application
These Terms and Conditions shall apply in all cases where a contract for the distance provision of insurance services is concluded between UNIQA and a user of insurance services, where a "distance contract" shall mean a contract concluded based on a proposal from UNIQA, where from the date of the proposal until the conclusion of the contract the parties are not in physical contact with each other and use a means of communication exclusively at a distance (one or more). These terms and Conditions shall also apply to the payment of the insurance premium due via UNIQA's Website (the website), irrespective of the method of conclusion of the contract under which such premium is due.

By placing a check mark against the text, "I agree to the terms and conditions of UNIQA Insurance Plc and/or UNIQA Life Insurance Plc for the provision of remote insurance services and making payments via www.uniqa.bg and www.bg.uniqa-pure.com" on the UNIQA Website, the Customer declares that he/she has read this document and hereby accepts the Terms and Conditions in full.

3. Products and services offered
3.1. UNIQA Insurance Plc and UNIQA Life Insurance Plc provide all types of insurance services for which they are licensed under the terms of the Insurance Code.
Via the Website, the Customer can to conclude a distance insurance contract without needing to visit an office. In case of interest in an insurance policy not offered online, the Customer may contact a UNIQA associate at the contacts listed on the Website, visit a UNIQA office, or an office of an insurance intermediary.

3.2. Payment of the insurance premium via www.uniqa.bg and www.bg.uniqa-pure.com is made by bank cards (debit or credit one), through the operators of electronic payment systems specified on the Insurer's website when conducting e-commerce, in one of the following ways:
- for registered users - by logging into the UNIQA Customer Portal with a username and password;
- for unregistered users - directly via the website at www.uniqa.bg or www.bg.uniqa-pure.com.

4. Price of products offered
4.1. The price of the insurance products is formed individually based on specific parameters applicable to the person: age, risk group, year of manufacture of the car, etc. Pricing is not based on subjective assessment by UNIQA. The insurance premium payable is calculated by means of a specially developed calculator, where it is necessary to enter the Customer's data for a correct and successful calculation. Whenever the parameters change, the insurance premium will change.

4.2. The currency for payment of insurance premiums payable via the UNIQA's website shall be Bulgarian Leva (BGN).
If the insurance premium payable by the Customer is in a currency other than Bulgarian Leva (BGN), the amount shall be converted into BGN at the BNB daily exchange rate. For each successfully made transaction, the Customer will receive a receipt of the payment to the email address indicated by the Customer.

4.3. The Insurer shall not charge any additional fee for payment via the UNIQA's website. However, the card-issuing bank may charge a fee for each card transaction. The Customer should contact his/her servicing bank for further information.

4.4. In the event of payment of installments under a Third-Party Motor Insurance policy, the sticker and the Green Card certificate will be sent to the address indicated by the User of the insurance service within 3 (three) working days. The delivery cost is at the Customer's expense and is subject to the individual rate of the courier company used by the Insurer.

5. Terminology and definitions
Insurance policy – a part of the insurance contract that contains the names of the contracting parties, addresses, coverages, limits and conditions, the insurance premium, periods of insurance, and the signatures of the contracting parties.

Electronic order – an order made to provide insurance services via the website www.uniqa.bg and/or www.bg.uniqa-pure.com, where within the order, the Customer manually enters his/her personal and/or other people's data for the purposes of the insurance policy.

Contract for distance provision of financial services– any contract concluded between a provider and a user as part of a distance financial services system organized by the provider, where the parties use one or more means of distance communication from the time the offer is made until the contract conclusion.

www.uniqa.bg and www.bg.uniqa-pure.com (website) – a virtual resource through which insurance products and related ancillary services are provided. The website’s content is intended to inform persons with unlimited access (website users) about UNIQA and the products and services offered.

Website – the distinct location on the World Wide Web accessible via its Uniform Resource Locator (URL) using HTTP or HTTPS protocol and containing files, programs, text, sound, pictures, images, electronic links, or other materials and resources.

A Web page is a part of a website, which may be a composite or standalone page.

User – any person who visits and uses a service offered on UNIQA's website.

Username – a selected unique combination of letters, numbers, or letters and numbers by which the user of insurance services is individualized on the Website.

Password – a selected unique combination of letters and/or numbers that, together with the username, individualizes the user of insurance services.

Server – a device or system of connected devices on which or any of which system software is installed to perform tasks related to the storage, processing, reception, or transmission of information.

Virtual POS Terminal – a method of accepting direct debit and/or credit card payments over the Internet through a website without the physical presence of the card. Bank card transactions are conducted in accordance with the security programs of the e-commerce payment system operators listed on the Insurer's website.

Insuring – the person who is a party to the insurance contract.

Section II. Rights and Obligations of UNIQA
1. Sufficient time before the User is bound by an offer or a contract for distance provision of financial services, UNIQA shall obligatorily and in a timely manner provide the User via its website with information about the Insurer, the insurance service, and the insurance contract in accordance with the requirements of Art. 8 of the Distance Marketing of Consumer Financial Services Act, as well as in accordance with Articles 324, 325, 326 and 328 of the Insurance Code, including:
  • Pre-contractual information about the Insurer;
  • The insurance product information document;
  • General and/or Special Conditions of the respective insurance product;
  • The final price with all taxes and charges included;
  • Any additional transport, delivery, or postage costs and, where such costs cannot reasonably be estimated in advance, the fact that such additional costs may be payable by the User;
  • Method of payment and service delivery;
  • The existence or lack of the User's right to withdraw from the distance contract and the conditions, time limit, and manner of exercising that right.

2. Where the insurance service is provided on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, the above information shall be provided in Bulgarian or also in Bulgarian.

3. The Insurer shall analyze the insurance applicant's requirements and needs through his answers to the questions posed on the website and shall provide impartial information about the insurance product in an accessible form so as to enable him/her to make an informed decision.

4. UNIQA undertakes to take all reasonable care to ensure that the data and information on www.uniqa.bg are always correct and up-to-date, including:
  • keeping a record that the necessary information has been provided to the user of the insurance service who has read and accepted it;
  • documenting that the User's consent to enter into a distance contract has been obtained;
  • providing a receipt for each bank card transaction;
  • keeping records of transactions for the purpose of successful payment;
  • keeping records of the insurance contract entered into.

5. UNIQA shall not be held liable for incorrect, incorrect, or dishonest data entered by the User.

6. UNIQA shall not be held liable for incorrectly entered value for payment of installments when the payment is made without registration in the Customer Portal. In case of payment after logging in to the Client Portal, a fixed payment amount will be provided depending on the maturity plan and the insurance installments due, without the option to adjust such amount. UNIQA shall not be held liable for any errors made upon payment due to incorrect data filled in by the User.

7. UNIQA shall not be held liable for damages resulting from circumstances beyond its control, such as but not limited to force majeure, unanticipated events, problems related to access and connection to the Internet, problems due to the Customer's equipment, and in the event of unauthorized access or intervention of third parties in the functioning of the information system or UNIQA's servers.

8. UNIQA shall not be held liable for any damage caused to the Customer's software or hardware or for any loss of data in connection with the use of www.uniqa.bg and/or www.bg.uniqa-pure.com.

9. UNIQA shall not be held liable for any damages resulting from using another's personal data in contravention of these Terms and Conditions or for inaccurate or false data and information provided.

10. UNIQA shall have the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time and without notice. Any modification will be announced on the Insurer's website, and by continuing to use the website after the announcement of such modification, the User shall be deemed notified and bound by the updates made.

Section III. Rights and Obligations of the User of Insurance Services
1. The User shall provide correct information about his/her personal data, correct information concerning the conclusion/amendment/cancellation of insurance contracts, and the use of the Website.

2. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the User agrees that using the services will be entirely at his/her own risk and that UNIQA shall not be liable for any damages caused while using the services provided unless caused intentionally or by gross negligence.

3. The User shall not be entitled to contract insurance on behalf of someone else, except in cases where he/she is Insuring and has the express consent of the insured person(s).

4. The User may not register in the Client Portal, request additional services on behalf of another person, or use personal data that is not his/her own.

5. The User shall specify the correct value for payment of insurance premiums due by him/her and shall keep the receipts for successful payment for reference.

6. The User shall not use stolen and/or counterfeit debit or credit cards and shall be criminally liable if he/she uses such cards.

7. Upon request, the User may obtain additional information about the products offered online via the UNIQA Website.

8. During the period of validity of the insurance contract, the user of insurance services is entitled to receive the terms and conditions of the contract at any time in paper form or at an email address provided by the User when expressly requested by him/her.

Section IV. Procedure for Remote Provision of Insurance Services
The Customer shall request an electronic order for distance insurance contracting by following the steps described in this section of the Terms and Conditions. Once the Customer visits the Website, he/she has the opportunity to read the pre-contractual information about the Insurer and the information documents about the insurance products offered, as well as to select an insurance product offered online and start the procedure of requesting a distance insurance contract.

1. Basic premium calculator
1.1. After making a product selection and clicking the "Buy Online" button, the system automatically redirects to the first step of the insurance quote "Calculator" process. The minimum information is required to calculate the insurance premium due at this stage.
1.2. To prepare a price quote for the selected insurance product, the required basic data should be entered correctly. By pressing the "Calculate" button, the system calculates a basic insurance premium based on the entered information. The exact insurance premium, according to the User‘s personal characteristics, can be verified after correctly filling in all the required data for the corresponding type of insurance.
2. Insurance details
2.1. To request insurance in a correct manner, the Customer shall enter the details required by the system at this stage. This guarantees the receipt of an individual quotation for the selected insurance product. If the entered data is incorrect, incomplete, and/or inaccurate, the Customer cannot proceed to the next step of insurance contracting.
2.2. Prior to requesting insurance contracting, the Customer shall read the pre-contractual information, the information document, these Terms and Conditions, as well as the applicable General and/or Special Terms and Conditions for the selected insurance product.
2.3. To execute the request for distance insurance contracting, the Customer must note that he/she has read the documents referred to in the preceding paragraph and accepts them.
3. Review
3.1. At this stage, the Customer shall have the opportunity to check all the data entered so far and, if necessary, make the appropriate corrections.
4. Confirmation and payment
4.1. If the data is correctly filled in and confirmed, the system refers to the last stage of the "Payment Method" process.
4.2. At this stage, the Customer confirms the payment method of the due insurance premium.
4.3. The insurance premium and any other amounts due therewith shall be paid by debit or credit card using the functionality provided at www.uniqa.bg and/or www.bg.uniqa-pure.com.
4.4. Upon payment by debit or credit card and confirmation of payment, the Customer shall receive a receipt for the payment made at the email address provided by the Customer.
4.5. UNIQA shall not be held liable for incorrect information filled in by the Customer.
5. Insurance premium
5.1. The insurance premiums of the products offered through the Website shall be paid in Bulgarian levs (BGN).
5.2. For compulsory Third-Party Motor Insurance, in addition to the 2% tax payable, the Customer shall also pay together with the premium the value of the sign under Art. 10 of Regulation No. 49/16.10.2014 on compulsory insurance, as well as the contributions due to the Guarantee and Collateral Fund. All amounts due together with the insurance premium by the Customer shall be stated on a separate line in the insurance policy.
6. Acceptance and delivery of the requested insurance policy
6.1. Policies contracted remotely under Third-Party Motor Insurance and paid for through the Insurer's website by debit or credit card issued in the name of the Insuring:
6.1.1. Once the order has been completed through UNIQA's online system (www.uniqa.bg) and has been accepted by the Insurer, the Customer shall receive a message to the email address indicated by the Customer with information about the insurance policy and the documents applicable to it, as well as an electronic reference to the text of these Terms and Conditions. The information received by the Customer pursuant to the preceding sentence shall not constitute the insurance policy.
6.1.2. The Contract shall be deemed concluded from the moment of receipt by the Insuring/Client, by electronic means, of the Insurer's confirmation thereof. The coming into force of the insurance cover shall be expressly agreed by the insurance contract but may not be earlier than 00.00h on the day following the day of the contract conclusion.
6.1.3. The Insurer shall provide the Insuring/Client with the insurance policy in paper form, signed by hand by the Insuring, accompanied by a sign under Art. 487 and a Green Card Certificate under Art. 488 of the Insurance Code at the address specified by the Insuring, within 3 (three) working days.
6.1.4. Deliveries shall be made from Monday to Saturday inclusive, according to the schedule of the courier company contracted by UNIQA. During public and/or national holidays, deliveries to an address shall be made in accordance with the courier company’s schedule. Upon receipt of the shipment, the Customer must identify himself/herself to the courier with an identity document and obtain the policy and all insurance documents attached thereto.
6.1.5. The courier service shall be at the expense of the Insurer. In the event of contract cancellation, when the documents are delivered by the courier, the Customer shall pay the delivery cost.
6.1.6. If the User is not found at the specified address within the delivery period or no access is provided for delivery of the insurance policy and its accompanying documents, UNIQA shall not be liable for any possible negative consequences for the User thereof. The insurance company shall also not be liable for any delay in the policy delivery due to reasons for which the courier company is responsible.
6.2. Policies contracted at a distance under the Insurer's other insurance products:
6.2.1. After a successful request for distance insurance contracting via www.uniqa.bg, the Customer shall receive (as attached documents) the insurance policy, the receipt for the payment made, all related conditions and documents, as well as a link to the text of these Conditions at the email address indicated by him/her. The insurance policy received by the Customer and the attached documents shall have the force of a contracted insurance policy.

Section V: Cancellation and Refunds
1. Pursuant to Art. 12, Par. 1 of the Distance Marketing of Consumer Financial Services Act (DMCFSA), the User, an individual who, as a party to a contract for distance marketing of consumer financial services, acts outside the scope of his trade or profession, shall have the right, without compensation or penalty and without giving any reason, to withdraw from the concluded contract within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of the contract conclusion or the day on which the User receives the terms of the contract, and the information referred to in Art. 1 and 2, where this occurs after the contract conclusion.
2. Pursuant to Par. 3(2) of the same provision, the right referred to in the preceding paragraph shall not apply to insurance contracts relating to travel, luggage, or other short-term insurance contracts with a period of less than one month.
3. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the User shall be deemed to have expressly consented within the meaning of Art. 13, Par. 1, sentence 2 of the Distance Marketing of Consumer Financial Services Act, the contract implementation to commence before the expiry of the period for exercising the right of withdrawal.
4. If the right of withdrawal pursuant to Art. 12, Par. 1 of the DMCFSA, the User shall owe UNIQA the portion of the insurance premium and the tax thereon for the period during which UNIQA bore the risk if no insured event occurred, as well as the administrative costs incurred, including the cost of the sticker, the Green Card certificate, and fees to the Guarantee and Collateral Fund if the insurance contract has entered into force.
5. UNIQA shall be obliged to refund to the User all amounts paid, except for the amounts referred to in clause 4 of these Conditions, no later than 30 days from receipt of a free text notification regarding the wish to exercise the right of withdrawal pursuant to Article 13, Par. 5 of DMCFSA. 
6. To exercise the right of cancellation under motor third party liability insurance pursuant to Article 12 of the Third-Party Motor Insurance Act, the Insuring/Client, who is a User within the meaning of Art. 7(2) thereof, shall return to the Insurer, or the insurance intermediary respectively, the insurance policy received, the Green Card certificate, and the relevant cut-off mark pursuant to Art. 487 in accordance with the regulation pursuant to Art. 504, Par. 1 of the Insurance Code.
7. In the event of insurance cancellation, the User must submit a notification with a specified bank account. Refunds shall only be made to the Insuring's (the premium payer's) bank account. Notification may be provided by one of the following methods:
7.1. For policies contracted online, except for Pure insurance products:
- by the Customer in person at the Head Office or any UNIQA office;
- the original to be sent by courier or a scanned copy of the application to be provided to UNIQA's email address: info@uniqa.bg.
7.2. For policies contracted online under Pure insurance products:

- on the UNIQA's website www.uniqa.bg or by email to: customer@uniqa.bg.
In the event of a transaction not authorized by the cardholder via UNIQA's Virtual POS or in the event of cancellation of an insurance policy, a refund is made by a reverse transaction on the card used to make the payment.

Section VI. Guarantee Fund
1. All insurers with head office in the Republic of Bulgaria who offer compulsory Third-Party Motor Insurance and/or compulsory Passenger Accident Insurance or insurance under Section I of Annex No 1 of the Insurance Code shall make contributions to the Guarantee Fund in an amount specified by the Financial Supervision Commission.

Detailed information on the Guarantee Fund can be found on its website: http://guaranteefund.org/bg.

Section VII. Personal Data Collection and Processing
1. UNIQA guarantees the privacy of the personal data of its Customers. The disclosure of personal data and their provision to third parties is only possible in accordance with the requirements of the Insurance Code and other applicable regulations, and in cases where this is expressly requested by state and regulatory authorities, the Guarantee Fund, reinsurance companies, and other persons authorized by law to request and collect information containing personal data, as well as where the person to whom it relates has consented to this.
Details of the grounds and purposes for personal data processing are set out in the "Privacy Notice" available on the Insurer's website: www.uniqa.bg.
2. UNIQA may process the personal data provided by the User for direct marketing purposes only after the User's explicit consent. The User has the right to withdraw consent at any time by sending a request to UNIQA.

Section VIII. Notifications under the Insurance Contract
1. When completing the electronic insurance order, the Insuring/Customer shall state the email address and mobile phone number(s) to which he/she will receive communications from the Insurer.
2. In the event of a change in the requested email address and/or mobile phone number, the Insuring/Client must immediately notify the Insurer and provide the new email address or phone number.
3. If the Insurer is not notified of the change, all communications shall be sent to the email address or mobile telephone number requested in the electronic insurance order, and the communications shall be deemed to have been served and received by the Insurer with all legal consequences provided for by law or the insurance policy.

Section IX. Additional Provisions
1. The Customer agrees that these Terms and Conditions only apply to the access and use of the www.uniqa.bg website and do not supersede or replace the applicable General and/or Special Terms and Conditions to each insurance product.
2. The parties agree that the insurance documents shall be signed by the Insuring/Client by a unique code sent by SMS to a telephone number provided by the person, and such signature shall be deemed to be handwritten if the Customer has paid the insurance premium or the pertaining installment thereof through the Insurer's website by credit or debit card.

Section X. Applicable Law
1. The provisions of the applicable legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply to matters not settled by these Terms and Conditions.
2. In the event of disputes arising between the Insurer and the Insuring/Client under the insurance contracts, which cannot be settled voluntarily, they shall be settled by a competent Bulgarian court.
With the entry into force of these Terms and Conditions, the validity of the "Terms and Conditions of UNIQA Insurance Plc and UNIQA Life Insurance Plc for distance provision of insurance services and making payments via www.uniqa.bg", effective from 01.07.2019, shall be terminated.
These Terms and Conditions of UNIQA Insurance Plc and UNIQA Life Insurance Plc for the provision of distance insurance services and making payments via www.uniqa.bg and/or www.bg.uniqa-pure.com were adopted by a resolution of the Board of Directors of the respective company on 07.10.2019 and came into force on 14.10.2019.

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