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"Driver and Passenger Accident" Insurance


Why "Driver and Passenger Accident" insurance?

"Driver and Passenger Accident" Insurance is all you need to make sure you're protected in the event of an accident on the road. Regardless of the cause or fault, we'll be there for you. 

Product benefits

Main benefits of "Driver and Passenger Accident" insurance

- The insurance amount is determined individually and at the request of the person contracting the insurance
- It covers the risks of loss of life and permanent work disability due to an accident occurring on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria
- Insured persons may be occupants of any type of vehicle or other self-propelled machinery, with the number of insured persons equal to the number of seats in the vehicle, including the driver's seat

Additional benefits of "Driver and Passenger Accident" insurance

- It is possible to insure only the driver's seat
- Prompt and correct payment of compensation to injured persons
- In the case of insurance "Driver and Passenger Accident" insurance in UNIQA AD, you have the opportunity to receive a discount of 5% of the insurance premium for "Motor CASCO" insurance
- SMS notifications when a payment is due, or the insurance expires

Frequently asked questions

Clients Feedback

For my car, I contracted CASCO Insurance with UNIQA. Filing a claim over the phone. Correct damage assessment – I can even take photos of my car by myself and email the damages. Good service at a trusted repair shop. Auto assistance not only in the event of a road accident but also in case of breakdown, flat tire, and running out of fuel.


Stara Zagora

My car is insured with UNIQA and I always get reminders and assistance about renewing the policies. My occupational health insurance is also contracted with UNIQA and when I needed to use it I had no problems.



I have been a client of UNIQA since 2010. I had been using child insurance and after the policy expired, I covered a large part of my son's education with the amount I received. At the moment I have active policies of Life Insurance, Property Insurance and Civil Liability Insurance for my automobiles. I am very happy with the service and the company in general. Good luck!


Veliko Tarnovo

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