"UNIQA Four Shares" - life insurance linked to a structured investment product

Insure your life. Earn money while you live it.

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Invest with "UNIQA Four Shares". Invest in security for you and your loved ones.


What is it like?

You've got money saved? With "UNIQA Four Shares", you can turn it into a premium life insurance policy and investment with good and guaranteed profitability in four of the world's most promiment technology companies - Alphabet Inc, Apple Inc, Facebook Inc, Microsoft Corp. (Amazon.com Inc).


Why "UNIQA Four Shares" is the right choice for me?

Invest with UNIQA Four Shares. Invest in security for you and your loved ones.

    Main benefits of „UNIQA Four Shares”

    You get premium insurance protection

    - No risk of financial loss for you
    - You have access to international financial markets and the stocks of the four biggest tech giants - Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet, Amazon

    And more:

    - No fees or commissions to participate in international financial markets
    - A guarantee for the amount you have invested
    - No medical exam is required upon signing
    - You get tax benefits
    - The amount invested is not subject to seizure

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    I have been visiting UNIQA's office in Varna for 8-9 years when I started using UNIQA's services.” I have always received a very professional and friendly attitude when contracting and renewing full auto insurance, third-party liability insurance, and property insurance policies.



    Perfect service! Competent, accurate, responsive, friendly! Thank you for coming! Keep it up!



    I would like to share my excellent impressions from my contacts with the insurance expert Petya Genova, Burgas: promptness, accuracy, good listening, and compliance with the client's wishes while adapting them to your products. For me, this is the real EXPERT! On the occasion of your Anniversary, I wish you more such experts!



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