07 January 2022

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10+1 reasons to become part of the UNIQA team


When you set off on a journey to look for a new job, we know that along with reading and liking the position, your decision will also be governed by the company, in which the position is opened. You start looking, scrolling, clicking and reading about the team, the company. Well, we decided to save a little time – we look for what is different, we like what is creative, we like what is proactive and dislike restrictions. These are the foundations on which the moments which distinguish us are built. For the sake of facilitation, we compiled a short summary of our top proposals that could make choose us.




It is not important for us what your age is, it is not important what your sex is, your Zodiac is not important and it is not important whether you are a skier or a snowboarder, whether you prefer wine or tea. Our team is mixed in terms of knowledge and skills, characters and years of experience, fields of interests, Zodiacs. We have both snowboarders and skiers, we have fans of both wine, and tea. 😊 We take pride in being a united, creative and very positive team that values innovative thinking and brave ideas and that is the reason for these 10 reasons happening and still more. Our team is our greatest value and competitive advantage – we know that this expression has turned into a cliche, but we will risk saying it because that’s the truth … 😊




In UNIQA we value the innovative approach and believe in the proverbs „A blessing in disguise“ and „When one door closes, another one opens “. We search for ways to break up insurance, to be more useful to our customers, to make things easier for our colleagues and to be more a rather digital than a paper company. Many companies claim the same, so here are several facts: in the pandemic period we created „Office without frontiers“ (every colleague can work from his favourite location – the mountain, the sea, the office 😉), „UNIbot“ (virtual assistant aiding the customer), online services for policy payment, notification of and inspection of damage, self-inspection of damage, online appointment at a physician, as well as new products.




In UNIQA we value presentation and ideas, on which basis we develop our team. Length of service does not matter. What matter is how you manage, so that you don’t need “white moustaches” in order to deserve the title of Director. We value successes and skills and a good example is the fact that 70% of the managing staff in the company started from a junior or expert position, and part of our colleagues have started climbing the hierarchical ladder in UNIQA Group and a very small part possesses “white moustaches”.




We are part of the UNIQA Group and everyone of us has the opportunity to take part in international projects at group level, from which one can obtain knowledge and skills – with no restrictions 😊. As long as you wish, you can partner with colleagues from different parts of Europe and participate projects and initiatives of various nature, if you have motivation, laptop, Internet and, of course, English.




In UNIQA, if we have to affix a label to our team, we would say that it consists of „vowels“, and not „consonants“. We like brave new ideas, not typical view on the situation. Of course, business sense must be present in every proposal (If your concept is selling apples with your health insurance because they are useful, maybe that would not be the right approach, but we would be happy that you have a non-standard thinking 😊) and if you show that that approach exists we will look for ways to make it happen. We are eager to support any valuable idea – green, digital, team-wise, innovative or crazy, as long as it has some sense in it.




We stand by our team in causes, in which it believes, and for that reason in the company every year we offer our colleagues possibilities to realise green activities or initiatives, financially supported by the company. Whether you believe in climbing peaks, work in the open or refining a specific neighbourhood, in UNIQA we stand by your idea. Our only condition is that you find followers-enthusiasts for your cause and, of course, after that, charge us with positive mood by telling us about your adventure. Our project „Green UNIQA“ in 2021 enabled our team to reconstruct part of the marking in Lyulin Mountain, clean the neighbourhood Sv. Marina, Pazardjik Region and fix signboards, conduct office in the open in hut Septemvri, and team building at the Seven Rila lakes and many others.




We like diversity and believe that you alone can choose what you need, instead of giving you a free city transport pass, and you don’t know where the subway station is, we prefer that you have a rich diversity of products and services…😊 That is why, our colleagues have preferential conditions and discounts from all our products and from those of our partners, and everyone chooses what is beneficial for him.


As Winnie the Pooh says: „Just one thing is better than a pot of honey … and that is two pots of honey.“




We care about our colleagues’ health, and, after all, we are an insurance company 😊, and, of course, all colleagues have free health insurance.




We don’t care if you are fond of oversleeping or rising at cockcrow. With our flexible working hours, enjoyed by almost all colleagues in the head office, you will be always on time, without feeling guilty and stressed by missed wake-up alarm in the morning. For all the others, including those in our front offices, we offer standard working hours, however, with benevolent managers, who will sympathise with you when necessary, and not wag an admonishing finger for you being late of 5 minutes and 37 seconds.




We launched „Office without frontiers“ during the pandemic, but we won’t give up after it. We believe that all you need is a laptop, Internet and motivation, rather than a chair and a desk in building Х at address „half an hour ride“ under the supervision of your direct manager, so that you perform properly your work. Our office is where our team feels most comfortable and we don’t want to build concrete walls before the possibilities we offer. Thus, our office without frontiers was accommodated even in our big front offices. Some people like mountains, others like the sea, still others like the urban environment and we don’t mind calling any of those locations “UNIQA office”.


…keep working from wherever you wish (even from the ski slope)…




In addition to initiatives, suggested by our colleagues, in the company we also think about engaging in different activities, that would improve our way of life and work of the team. In 2021, we supported Bansko Film Fest, the Bulgarian Triathlon Association, RED BULL BIKE THE BALKAN, because we believe that mountains and motion are health, and adrenaline and sports emotions have no match. 😊 Our partnerships with sites in Vitosha Mountain give our team the chance of working in clean air with perfect conditions in the mountain, and our digitalisation – work with increasingly less paper, without the need of fumbling in big and dusty folders. It is no chance that in 2021 we ranked third in the contest „Insurers for society 2021“.


These are our Top 10+1 reasons for you to become part of our team. If you smiled while reading them or thought „that sounds very good“, we wait for you. You can help us become even more UNIQue and add the 12th TOP reason to these 10+1.



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