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We are UNIQA Bulgaria. We like proactive people with bold ideas and out-of-the-box thinking. We appreciate our team and the palette of personalities, experience and skills from which it is built. We're open to hear your ideas, regardless of whether they're green, digital, team-based, or beyond the traditional business solutions. Become one of us!



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Working better together without borders

We are an international company and we offer opportunities beyond the country’s borders. The achievements, not the white moustaches are important for us as to call you a manager. We are bold, and with the help of the digitalization, the innovation has become the new normal for us. We don't like boundaries and to set walls to the opportunities that we provide and hence we work in an office without borders – one crazy idea that has become a reality.


Our logo is blue, our heart is green

We stand behind our team in the causes they believe in and, therefore, empower our colleagues to implement green activities and initiatives that are beneficial for the team, the nature, and the community. We support the mountain, sport, and working in the nature, we support the better way of living.

Digital UNIQA

We want to change the traditional understanding of the insurance, to be more helpful to our customers, to be easier for our colleagues, and to be more digital. We've been able to optimize and digitalize many of our processes, we've enabled our clients to take online insurance, we have successfully organized an office without borders. We have saved paper, we have saved a tree, we have reduced the fuel consumption and we have won free time for ourselves and increased the comfort for both our team and clients.

The UNIQA Community

We are working better together in the SEE5 region, which we are part of, and we are achieving our goals together with our colleagues from different countries. Collaboration without borders, sharing ideas and experiences, different perspectives, and the courage to fight for our business dreams are at the heart of our community. We do not insist on the formal way of addressing, but on working with a smile and communicating openly.


What are we looking for in you?

Our team and community are our greatest values and advantage - a cliché that is a fact! 


We pride ourselves on being united and creative and on the diversity of personalities, opinions and experiences that make up our community. The qualities that unite us are:

The team for our flexible conditions


Office without borders gives me the freedom to work from different locations, but mostly from my home by the sea, in full sync with my team and other colleagues. Also, Office without borders allows me to balance my work and personal time in the best possible way, making me highly efficient and satisfied.


Head of Compliance


I often travel outside Bulgaria, and my office can be located anywhere – without restrictions on location, four walls and neon lights. I feel free and far more creative when I decide by myself where to work from. Office without borders gives me the freedom not only to choose the location I work from, but it also frees up time for my hobbies since I do not waste my time in travel and traffic jams. If I had to recap what "Office without borders" means in one word, it would be Freedom. 😊


Marketing Specialist


Office without borders brings me the freedom to choose the time and the location. I work for the Headquarter from the seaside, from the villa and my home. I work where I feel best.


Expert Risk & Savings


Office without borders allows me to work from the seaside, mountain or cottage. Office without borders is the opportunity to turn my favourite place into a beautiful office. I also have the flexibility to schedule my work tasks.


Head of Claims


Why join our team?

Career development is important for each of us, but the conditions are also important, and we will offer you: flexible working hours, an office without borders - you work from where you feel good.

You will have the opportunity to be part of regional projects and teams and to realize your wildest ideas. You will also receive health insurance, as well as discounts on our insurance products. You will have an extra day off for your birthday.

They look forward to green initiatives, our friendly team and the ideas to implement together to create a better life for us and our customers.

The success of the team is our success


I started my career back in 2007 as a trainee in UNIQA. After that throughout the period between 2007-2022, I went through several positions within the sales division. My dedication to the company, loyalty, and drive for new challenges has guided me throughout all these years. Thanks to my determination, the trust shown by the management, and the help of my colleagues, I feel truly fortunate to be part of the big family of UNIQA Bulgaria.


Regional Sales Manager, Sofia


My success story is about the encounter of an unconfident girl of 19 with no experience, armed only with a desire to develop, and the company that believed in her. My adventure at UNIQA started as an internship, and day after day, I was learning something new. I built skills related to the technical execution of the tasks, compliance with deadlines, teamwork, and formal correspondence etiquette. Today, 3 years later, I feel confident in my abilities, and I owe this to my drive for self-improvement and to all my colleagues from whom I continue to learn and with whom I'm building myself as a professional.


Financial Analyst


I started at UNIQA as a trainee on a six-hour working day while I was a student in my 3rd  year at university. A year later, I am now a full-time Pricing Actuary, thanks to the support of my line manager and the conditions that UNIQA offered me, namely flexible working hours and the opportunity not to neglect my higher education, numerous organized trainings, and, mentorship by more experienced actuaries from abroad.


Pricing Actuary

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If you want your ideas to matter and a career without boundaries is what you're looking for, we'd be happy to have you as part of our UNIque team and get to know you.

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